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Ender 5 3D Printer Review

New 3D printer users often browse for the most inexpensive models. This has its purpose occasionally since the beginner often does not want to make a significant financial investment into something they may or may not end up enjoying. 

However, lower budget printers may create a result that is less than satisfactory, leaving the artist to think they are causing it.

The Ender 5 3D essentially eliminates that possibility. High-quality prints, easy setup, and affordability make this one of the best budget printers available. Ender has a reputation for making high-quality products, and the Ender 5 3D is no exception.

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Important Factors

Use this criteria to evaluate 3D printers, especially beginners:

  • Print quality: This is an overall measure of a printer’s performance and the resulting quality of the printed item. Are the prints smooth? Has the print left any material deposits?
  • Set Up: The degree of user-friendliness. How much work is needed between unboxing and the first print? The average user will want to know what sort of technical assembly or calibration is needed.
  • Features: What are the machine’s capabilities and what are its limitations? What are the bells and whistles? Is there anything that sets it apart from other similar printers?
  • Design: How sturdy is the printer and does it seem like it will stand up? Any parts that seem like they may be predisposed to issues? Are there any enclosures, hoods, or shrouds to protect the project in process.

By looking at these four factors objectively, we can get a good idea of how the Ender 5 3D will end up performing. We can also apply the same criteria to other models to see how they stack up head to head.

Ender 5 3D

From Creality, the Ender 5 3D is a great machine that has been a game changer in the world of low-budget 3D printers. Following the popularity of the Ender 3 in 2018, Creality decided it was time to take things to the next level and improve upon the Ender 3, which led to the development of the Ender 5.

Since its release in 2019, the Ender 5 has quickly become a favorite amongst home printer enthusiasts. The affordable price point, sturdy build, and high-quality prints makes this one of the best low-budget printers.

Ender 5
Source: creality3dofficial.com



  • Delivers high-quality prints while working at higher speeds
  • Customizable machine is upgradable
  • Robust feature set
  • Print bed must be leveled manually
  • Flimsy magnetic bed is not durable
  • Loading the filament can be hard

Breakdown Of The Ender 5

Print Quality

One of the things that you run into with budget-friendly 3D printers is that they often lack in the print quality department. When you’re spending good money on a printer, you want smooth prints that are done quickly. With the Ender 5 3D, you’ll have prints that are accurate all the way down to 0.05mm. This blows other similar models out of the water.

Set Up

Anyone with prior experience with the rest of the Ender 3D printer line should be able to get their printer set up without any issues. Even if you aren’t familiar with these products, assembly is very straightforward and should be finished quickly. The pre-assembled axes make construction even easier.

You’ll go from your printer still being in the box to starting your first print within an hour. This, of course, can vary from person to person, but with the instruction manual to guide you, setting up shouldn’t be complicated.

The included instructions are crystal clear and a breeze to understand. This makes it easy to follow along, even with little to no prior knowledge or experience with 3D printers. In addition to the manual, you’ll receive the following items:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • SD card reader
  • SD card – with software for windows
  • Spatula
  • Nozzle cleaner
  • Pliers
  • USB cables
  • 220 grams of filament


There is a reason that this is one of the best budget 3D printers on the market – because it truly is a great machine. Designed with beinngers and students in mind, one of the best things about the Ender 5 3D is how straightforward the machine is to use. From unboxing to set up to printing, this user-friendly printer is great for anyone.

The open design is fun, especially if you are introducing kids to 3D printing. People love being able to watch their print being constructed right there in front of them. The Ender 5 creates complex and accurate prints that are 0.05mm resolution.

Even with the lower price point, you can expect high-end speeds of 80mm/s. The included 25v charger allows the printer to heat up quickly, resulting in more consistent prints for you.


The build volume for the Ender 5 is right on par with other similar models. It is 220mm x 220m x 300mm. This is a relatively average print volume, but the open build area makes it seem a bit more open. Included with the printer is the 24V/350W power supply.

Printers with an open frame, that lack an enclosure or shroud of some sort, have a higher chance of having their print job interrupted or damaged. It also means you will need to spend more effort to keep the build area clean, since ambient dust, hair, and other debris will find their way there.

The print bed is removable, which is a big plus. This makes it super-easy to remove the finished model. The tray is even magnetic, which ensures that it stays securely in place during the printing process. The Ender 5 3D also offers a quick-heating print bed, which allows the printer to go faster. Many people also enjoy that there are no loose or dangling wires hanging from the printer.

Alternatives To The Ender 5

Ender 3 Pro



  • Large print area
  • Flexible/removable build plate
  • Magnetic printing plate
  • Able to resume printing after a power outage
  • Quiet when printing
  • Precise filament feed
  • Only comes “semi-assembled”
  • Only compatible with PLA filament
  • Manual print bed leveling
  • Slow print speed
  • Open enclosure

The Creality Ender 3 Pro is a reputable printer in the 3D printer community.

A lot of its features cater to the user. There are some exceptions like the manual leveling or the fact that it’s “semi-assembled”, but there’s a lot to like about this printer. One thing to note is the bed leveling is easy. All you have to do is spin a circular wheel to get the bed in a position you want.

Besides the features, the print quality and durability maintain high standards as well. The base of the printer is precise and stable. From the rails to the frame, the whole infrastructure is designed to make sure the printer runs smoothly.

Overall, the Ender 3 Pro’s design rounds out to 440 x 410 x 465mm. This is double the size of the Ender 5.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer



  • 1.5 seconds per layer cure time
  • Faster than a filament printer 
  • 0.01mm accuracy makes it great for miniatures
  • Cover must be in place to operate
  • Small print bed
  • Only uses resin

The Photon Mono is a resin printer not well known in the 3D printer community.

What we do know is it’s a fast printer that only uses resin. While it’s ideal for miniature prints, it’s not the best option for an everyday printer due to its size.

Overall, this printer is an average on a scale from bad to great. Look around for other options if you’re not in the market for miniature printers.




  • Massive 11.81″ square build area that is a full 12″ high
  • Quick assembly with 12 screws and 3 cables
  • Heated microporous bed
  • Resume print function
  • Filament versatility
  • 0.4mm fixed diameter nozzle
  • Manual adjustment of feeding tube
  • Manually adjust bed
  • Open enclosure

Unlike the ANYCUBIC Photon, the MEGA X is a bigger printer suitable for different prints.

The MEGA X is also designed for user convenience. One example is the open source slicer. Being limited to proprietary software limits your creativity. Some software is easier to use than others. Having an open source slicer lets you use what you want to use.

Besides software versatility, you also have filament versatility. It’s able to use support materials like PLA, ABS, wood, PETG, and more. ANYCUBIC also added an Ultrabase which makes it easy to remove prints once you’re done.

If it’s hard to remove prints, then removing the prints might cause damage to either the print bed or design itself. It’s important to note that no printer creates perfect prints. There’s always going to be something. Printers like this which include easy removal mitigate damage.

In addition, the print quality for this printer is consistent. You won’t have to worry too much about whether your prints will come out fine. Just worry about the process and settings relative to the material you use and you’ll be fine.

Finally, for beginners, the MEGA X is not hard to assemble. It doesn’t come fully-assembled, but it comes with instructions that show you exactly what to do so you shouldn’t have a hard time.

Is The Ender 5 3D For You?

From beginner through intermediate 3D print enthusiasts, the Ender 5 3D is a great printer. If you need a high-quality printer that is affordable, packed with features, and is extremely adaptable to a wide range of projects, the Ender 5 3D is for you.

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