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Best Monoprice Maker Select V2 Upgrades

The Monoprice Maker Select v2 is a superb budget 3D printer that can be upgraded to turn it into an even better printer. It’s also ideal for those new to 3D printing and looking to learn more to build up their printer as they go. You don’t want to get every upgrade and realize it wasn’t the right printer in the first place.

The Maker Select v2  is a rebranded Wanhao Duplicator i3. This’ll give you access to all the upgrades for the Duplicator i3 as well as those made for the Maker Select.

You’ll be able to build the printer the way you want it with access to all these upgrades.

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Why Do I Need Maker Select v2 Upgrades?

The Maker Select v2 doesn’t come with as many features out of the box as other models do, but upgrading and adding parts to the printer will allow you to customize it to work best for your printing style. 

The benefits of upgrading your 3D printer parts are limitless. Faster printing, less clogging, usage of a wider variety of materials, and much more is what you can expect when upgrading.

Check out these options to upgrade your MonoPrice Maker Select v2.

Monoprice Maker Select V2 Upgrades

Li-Sun Aluminum Y Carriage Plate Upgrade

The Li-Sun Aluminum Y Carriage Plate Upgrade is ideal for those who are tired of leveling their bed after each print. It’s made from Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy and 3mm thick, making it thicker and more sturdy than the stock plate.

This carriage plate is easy to install and can be done in 10-15 minutes. Make sure you check the plate for any wobbling before install. There have been reports of these getting damaged in shipping. 

Overall, the Li-Sun Aluminum Y Carriage Plate is a significant upgrade to the carriage plate at a reasonable price.



  • Bonus nozzle cleaning needles
  • Sturdier than stock carriage plate
  • Easy to level
  • Simple to install
  • Affordability
  • Prone to warping during shipment

Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend with Slotted Cooling Block

The All Metal Hotend with Slotted Cooling Block by Micro Swiss Features a .4mm nozzle plated with high lubricity wear-resistant TwinClad XT Coating. This coating enables durability and quality. 3D users who print a lot should look into this.

This hotend is made from aluminum and stainless steel and will transfer heat better using a modified thermal barrier tube and nozzle with a modified cooling block. 

The hotend also features a Slotted Clamping system. This’ll help because there is no set screw to ding and damage the thermal tube.



  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Fixes printing problems with specific filaments
  • Some users have reported filament leaks and the heatbreak snapping in half

YOTINO Thermistor Upgrade

The YOTINO Thermistor Upgrade will eliminate that stock thermistor and allow your printer to withstand heat better which helps it last longer.

The thermistor is made from 600c rated ceramic glue and fiberglass insulation wires. The insulation can hold up to much higher heat than the stock PTEE thermistor can. 

Also, using this thermistor with your 3D printer does require an update of the ADC table in your 3D printer’s firmware, but it’ll be worth the effort.



  • Longer life for printer
  • Affordability
  • Withstands heat better than stock thermistor
  • Need to update ADC table in your 3D printer’s firmware
  • Reports of bad thermal adhesive

BCZAMD Heatbed Silicone Leveling Column

The BCZAMD Heatbed Silicone Leveling Column will help you keep your printer level and reduce vibration in the process. These are designed to replace your stock springs to provide better and more accurate leveling.

The columns are made from silicone and can withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees C.

They are also 16mm in length and come with an after-sale guarantee if there are any issues.



  • Better leveling and less vibration
  • Affordability
  • After-sales guarantee
  • Made from heat resistant silicone
  • Reports of minor inconsistencies between columns
  • Too short for some model printers

FYSETC 3D Printer Silicone Sock

FYSETC 3D Printer silicone sock is an excellent upgrade to your hotend. It’ll provide protection and insulation for your hotend.

The set comes with three socks and a money-back guarantee. The silicone sock Fits heater blocks sized 16mm x 16mm x 12mm.

The silicone socks are designed to keep your heat stable and reduce heat transfer to your prints. They can also help prevent clumping on the nozzle.

While some may say it’s unnecessary, you should consider them and see how they can help your printer function better.



  • Affordability
  • Heat stability and insulation
  • Prevents clumping
  • Users need to trim the sock to fir their hotend
  • Might need to use cotton insulation under the sock

BCZAMD 12V 50W Upgraded Ceramic Cartridge Heater Wire

The BCZAMD 12V 50W Upgraded Ceramic Cartridge Heater Wire is an upgrade to the stock temperature wire. This wire will boost the power from 40W to 50W and increase the maximum temperature by 40 degrees C.

The wire measures 620mm in length with the end measuring 6mm x 22mm.

This is a fantastic upgrade to help your prints come out faster and be of better quality due to the temperature control.



  • Quick heating of hotend
  • Maintains temperature 
  • Quality cables
  • Extra heat shielding on ends
  • Looks better than red heaters wires
  • Odd wattage

3D Printer Glass Bed Upgrade, Borosilicate Glass Plate w/Corners Cut

The 3D Printer Glass Bed Upgrade Borosilicate Glass Plate w/Corners Cut is a nice upgrade to the bed of your 3D printer. 

The bed measures 220x220x3mm and comes with four glass clips.

The bed also features a polished edge and is resistant to thermal shock. It’s made from 100% borosilicate heat-resistant glass and provides more adhesion when the hotbed heats to higher temperatures.



  • Affordability
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Heats up faster
  • Won’t warp during use
  • Need to adjust Z-axis limit switch up and down when installing
  • Clips can only be mounted in specific locations
  • Users complained of prints not sticking

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