Hello there, my name is Alex and I’m from the Bay Area. My interest in robotics has grown gradually over the years, and that is due to the area that I live in. I’ve seen software make people’s lives easier, and I believe robotics will take it to the next level.

There are three reasons why I started this site. The first reason is to learn. I retain information better if I learn something and then write about it. My second reason is I want to do something creative with robots in the future that benefits people. The more robots we can get to do tedious tasks, the more people can focus on solving bigger problems. This way, our rate of innovation can increase exponentially. And, the final reason is to hopefully support my family with the revenue this site generates.


The mission of this site is simple. It’s to make robotics more mainstream and help people understand more about them.

Content Generation

Most of the content on this site will be written by me. This makes sure the site is planned and edited to ensure I meet the highest quality. Sometimes I’ll use freelance writers to help write articles, but I make sure everything is up to standard before being published.

Making sure the content is solid ensures all the information is legitimate and you can trust it to make decisions. I won’t be able to get my hands on all the products, but I make sure to do the best research I can to make sure you aren’t being misled.

I hope to make this site a place you can trust. That is the ultimate goal I have for anybody who visits this site. To do that, I will try to make the best content I can.